Rapid software development, on a shoe-string budget.
Complete your projects at least 25% faster, without sacrificing scope or budget!
Plan for uncertainties
Projects are embedded with uncertainties like unforeseeable difficulties at the vendors and unavailability of resources.

sticky_note_2 Excessive data-capture

event Excessive meetings

visibility Accept uncertainties

gpp_good Simple countermeasures

Save on hiring
Hiring just ten(10) new software developers will cost you over a million US Dollars annually. Why not get more work done with your current team?

payments Additional developer expenses

savings Hiring expenses

air Improve your project flow

trending_up Execute 70% more projects

Protect your investment
Introducing a product 9 to 12 months late can cost upto 50% of its potential revenues. Yet, according to a Gartner survey, 45% of product launches are delayed.

stacked_bar_chart Loss of potential revenues from delay

timer Longer Return of Investment

emoji_events First-mover advantage

attach_money Charge higher margins

lock Safegaurd due-dates

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Coco is a set of intelligent techniques and AI enabled tools for project management. It is the secret sauce we use everyday to delight our customers and gain market share.